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Professional Solutions in Siphonic Systems


Siphonic rain water drainage Systems have been used widely in both Europe and America for the last 40 years. Siphonic rain water drainage systems are preferred to conventional systems cause of their high drainage capacities,reliability and solution techniques which is brought to architectural structures.

Conventional Rain Water Drainage System

Siphonic Rain Water Drainage System

Nowadays instead of using Steel Pipes, wide application method of siphonic drainage is the one where HDPE 100 and HDPE 80 type pipes are used. .

Example Siphonic Drainage Pipeline System

Especially, easy ways to solve architectural details, lacknesses of conventional systems cause of echological instabilities, low maintenance needs made the siphonic drainage systems widely preferred.

Applications of siphonic drainage systems are becoming wider in airports, stadiums, shopping malls and factories.

How Siphonic Drainage Works?

Basically, according to the Bernoulli's principle, "as the velocity of a fluid increases, the pressure exerted by that fluid decreases.With the help of this principle, The rain water is transferred to desired place by the pipes without the need of a slope.While this transfer occurs, there is no need to use of a water pump, also to create a self-vacuum in the line, the correct design and the correct placement of the pipes according to the project is enough. Even the Equation of Fluid is given as a course in the Engineering Faculties of Universities, these days to make the siphonic drainage solutions faster and easier, some kind of Computer Softwares are used. So, complex hydrolic calculations can be made with a great accuracy.

These are the required things to make the Project correct, as it has to be:

1. Architectural Sections
2. Roof Plan
3. Infrastructural Project
4. Mechanical Pipeline Project

Advantages of Siphonic Systems

Siphonic Drainers

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